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Car and Bus Information

This page is still a work in progress.

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Winterizing your car

Recommended: oil pan heater, battery heater, engine block heater. In the fall, a lot of shops run specials on these installations. 

Snow tires: not absolutely necessary, but they are really useful for getting up hills when it is icy outside (~6 months of the year). If you get snow tires, consider also purchasing a second set of rims to put the tires on. That way, it is a lot cheaper/easier for you to change the tires in fall/spring.

A nice luxury: remote start - allows you to start your car from ~1 mile away. Is nice because you won't have to walk outside to warm up your car.

Gasoline costs ~$4/gallon right now (winter too).



UAF students ride the bus for free with their student ID.

It is a decent way to get around town, even in winter. A lot of students take the city bus to campus everyday to save on gas money. 

Note that Fairbanks buses sometimes arrive and depart earlier than their scheduled be aware that you may have to wait a while if you miss it (warning for winter)