UAF's Physics Graduate Student Association

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Research Advice & Random Stuff

This page is still a work in progress.

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Research Advice

As a PhD or masters student, you will need to choose a research advisor and research topic by the end of your first year. Start early because research funding to pay graduate students is limited. You can begin the search before you ever arrive in Fairbanks. Prepare a resume/CV, and skim UAF faculty webpages to find someone working in your field of interest, and contact them via email .

A lot of physics graduate students at UAF end up working for advisors in UAF's Geophysical Institute (GI). The GI has a graduate student association: GIGSA. This is the link to their Facebook page: . They are similar to PGSA in advocating for student rights to the administration and planning social events. Attending GIGSA events your first year is a great way to meet current GI students, learn about their advisors, and learn about potential research openings. Join the GIGSA email list at

You are also able to join the 'GI students' email list. (Definitely suggested if you get a GI advisor!)

Random Stuff

How to Walk on Ice

Random indoor activities

laser tag



-The campus has a bowling alley (but the lanes are a little wonky)

-The bowling alley in town can be really busy sometimes (I went there one time and they asked if I had a was packed!)


Getting to Fairbanks


Driving - if driving in winter, note that a lot of gas stations are closed. You'll only find a gas station every 300 miles. Be prepared!

Cell Phones

This information is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please check with your phone service provider for the most up-to-date facts.

Alaskan Cell Phone Providers: 

  • AT&T
  • GCI

  • Verizon*: minutes, texts, and data still works in Alaska with no extra roaming charges
  • T-mobile*: minutes and text have no roaming charges. In 2011, data use incurred roaming charges.
  • Sprint*, Boost*, Metro PCS*, etc*: check with your provider.
* No stores in Fairbanks